What you need to do before you start a home renovation

What you need to do before you start a home renovation

As a local builder on the Central Coast, I’ve seen many homeowners dive headfirst into a home renovation project without adequately preparing themselves for the process. While it’s exciting to envision your dream home, rushing into a renovation without proper planning and preparation can lead to costly mistakes and delays. Here are some essential things you need to do before starting a home renovation project:


Set a budget

Before you begin any renovation, it’s essential to determine how much you’re willing to spend. Be realistic about your budget and factor in unexpected expenses. A good rule of thumb is to set aside an additional 10-20% of your budget for unforeseen costs.


Determine your priorities

Decide what you want to achieve with your renovation. Do you want to increase your home’s value, create more living space, or update the aesthetics of your home? Knowing your priorities will help you make informed decisions about your renovation project.


Find a reputable builder or contractor.

Look for a builder or contractor with experience in the type of renovation you want to undertake. Check their references, read reviews, and ask for examples of their previous work.

Get the necessary permits: Depending on the scope of your renovation, you may need to obtain permits from your local government. Check with your city or county building department to determine what permits are required for your project.


Create a timeline

Renovations can disrupt your daily routine, so it’s important to have a clear timeline. Work with your builder or contractor to create a realistic schedule for your project and stick to it as closely as possible.


Prepare your home

Renovations can be messy, so preparing your home before work begins is essential. Clear out the area to be renovated and cover nearby furniture and floors to protect them from dust and debris.


Communicate with your builder or contractor.

Regular communication with your builder or contractor is essential to ensure the project progresses as planned. Address any concerns or issues as they arise to avoid delays or unexpected expenses.


By planning and preparing for your home renovation properly, you’ll be able to minimise stress and achieve the desired results. Remember, a successful renovation involves attention to detail and careful planning. Good luck with your renovation project!

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